Banana Bread with Caramelized Nuts
Servings Prep Time
1cake 20minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
25minutes 2hours
Servings Prep Time
1cake 20minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
25minutes 2hours
Banana Bread
Caramelized Nuts
  1. make some “eggs” – Blend flax seeds (using a hand blender) with water (the ratio is 1:3, 1 tbsp flax seeds+3 tbsp water=1 “egg”). blending well breaks the seeds and lets out the gel inside them, if the ratio is correct and the seeds are not very old – you will get a texture that resembles the texture of beaten eggs. but it’s thicker.
  2. Blend the sugar with the oil. Add the flax eggs, bananas and milk.
  3. Keep kneading – add in the flours and yeast. and finally the spices. The batter should be soft and quite runny, so don’t panic and add more flour. put aside for 1-1.5 hours to let the dough grow.
  4. in the meantime – cut the nuts into smaller pieces.
  5. Use a non stick pan to create the caramel. put the sugar in the center and occasionally stir.
  6. At first it would seem like nothing happens but after several minutes the sugar will melt and within one minute turn yellow (and brown if you don’t remove it fast enough).
  7. At this stage – quickly pour in the nuts and stir well. remove from the pan back to the cutting board. *Don’t touch it, it’s extremely hot. I know cause I touched it. *Don’t leave the nuts on the pan – it will stick. *For cleaning – put some water in the pan and cook for several minutes, the sugar will dissolve in the water.
  8. When the nuts are colder, cut them again to separate the big chunks.
  9. When the dough has grown enough, mix in the caramelized nuts. transfer into the baking pan (or muffin pan), leaving enough room for the dough to grow. wait another 30 minutes for a second growth.
  10. Bake at 170 degrees C for about 25 minutes until the dough is golden brown. when turning off the oven – leave inside for a cool down.
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