Introduce Tahini to Your Body – 7 Tahini Uses in Mediterranean Kitchen & Others

Tahini is a really great ingredient to add to your diet, it has a very distinct taste, that resembles to peanut butter but has more fibers and less sugar and saturated fats. Not only that Tahini is a delicious addition to savory or sweet dishes but it is extremely healthy- Tahini contains 100% ground sesame seeds, it is a great source for Iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, omega-3 and many more nutrients.

Hulled or Unhulled?  Unhulled Tahini – or “Tahini Butter” –  is more nutrient-rich and has a stronger taste, it also contains higher calcium levels. for some people Unhulled Tahini is TOO strong – Hulled Tahini is lighter in color and texture, and even though it has less nutrients, it’s still very healthy.

I gathered just a few great recipe ideas that will make you wonder “Tahini – where have you been all my life”?:

1.   Eat it RAW – Spread on a slice of bread with some tomatoes and sprouts. if you are a sweet         tooth- try Raw Tahini with Date honey (tastes like Halva).

2.   Make a paste – Tahini Paste is a wonderful sauce in mediterranean cuisine, to spread on               bread or use as a dip. you can make your own Tahini paste in 2 minutes- just add lemon,             garlic, salt & water. stir well with a fork until you get a much brighter and smoother paste.

3.   Hummus – A main ingredient in a successful Hummus is a good quality Tahini. Making a real       Mediterranean Hummus is not complicated at all, if you could just put your hands on some         trade secrets – here is good recipe….

Real homemade Hummus -  served with Focaccia
Real homemade Hummus – served with Focaccia


4.   Eggplant rolls – Eggplants & Tahini combine magically. Roast Eggplants and pour Tahini             sauce on top, Make your own Babagnush or prepare an impressive starter such as Eggplant       Rolls Try here

Eggplant rolls with Green apples, raw Tahini and Balsamic Glaze
Eggplant rolls with Green apples, raw Tahini and Balsamic Glaze


5.   Stir fry with Tahini?! you might be surprised to discover how well Tahini combines in Asian         cuisine. Just throw in a few spoons of Tahini to your next stir fry – Try this recipe

Tahini stir fry - with rice noodles
Tahini stir fry – with rice noodles


6.   Sinya – Tahini can also be baked, it gets a nice crust while baking. In Mediterranean cuisine,         Sinya is traditionally made with lamb and Tahini, For a healthier dish check out this tasty             alternative – Tempeh Sinya.

Tempeh Synia - with baked tomatoes and Tahini
Tempeh Synia – with baked tomatoes and Tahini


7.   Tahini in Sweets – Tahini fits exquisitely to desserts and sweets. Halva is actually made of           Tahini and Sugar, Tahini Ice Cream is gorgeous, and of course – Tahini cookies are quick and       delicious. you can also mix it with peanut butter – get the recipe

Tahini peanut butter cookies
Tahini peanut butter cookies

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